SOLARAYS reveals its solar panel at GENERA 2021

SOLARAYS reveals its solar panel at GENERA 2021

SOLARAYS has participated in GENERA 2021, the International Energy and Environment Fair. From November 16 to 18, it was present at IFEMA (Madrid) with a stand where it showed the first smart system for generating electrical and thermal energy thanks to “Made in Spain” passive solar tracking technology which have been developed together with the Madrid Solar Energy Institute, the Andalusian Plastics Technology Center and Solar Added Value, Sindetec and Tekniacompanies.

In addition, SOLARAYS was one of the 12 projects chosen for the Innovation Gallery of this year. The aim of this gallery was to show some of the main lines of research at the moment in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

The innovation’s degree, the energy efficiency, its applicability and the strategic factor were the key factors for this selection.

Moreover, this edition of the Innovation Gallery decided, for the first time, to distinguish with a special mention those of the projects which obtained a higher evaluation by the judges. SOLARAYS was also among the chosen.

GENERA 2021 gathered together almost 500 exhibitors where the great potential of renewable energies was shown.

SOLARAYS’ stand was a success and was attended by a large influx of visitors who showed interest in seeing first-hand the SOLARAYS panels which incorporate multi-junction solar cells commonly used in satellites.

In addition, this panel follows the movement of the sun without the need for motors or electricity consumption, doubling the efficiency of conventional silicon panels while reaching values of over 33% of electrical efficiency and combined efficiencies —electric and thermal— of 72%. This represents an increase of more than 30% in the energy generated by conventional silicon panels while allows saving up to 75% in the energy’s consumption bill.

The new ultra-efficient system patented by SOLARAYS, which generates electrical and thermal energy up to 90º, can be used for domestic, service sector and industrial uses (DHW, air conditioning of buildings and swimming pools, heat treatments in industries, etc.), while guaranteeing stable and continuous energy at maximum power against the isolated power peaks of the existing photovoltaic systems.

Thanks to all of you who visited SOLARAYS’ stand at GENERA Fair to learn about the panel and giving your support!