The promising future of renewable energies


The promising future of renewable energies

Renewable energies are present and future. Our society is increasingly aware of caring for the environment and fighting against climate change. In addition, concern has also grown before the upward trend in electricity prices.

We are at a time of evolution in the energy market. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), production towards renewable energies together with the energy efficiency could boost the GDP by 2.5% and the employment rate by 0.2%.

On the other hand, the IRENA’s study “World Perspectives of Renewable Energies. Energy Transformation between now and 2050” points out that, in addition to a sustainable energy future, this transition promises new models of socio-economic development which would increase the jobs to 42 million worldwide by 2050 —four times more than today— in the renewable energy sector. Moreover, the jobs in the sector would reach 100 million in 2050, some 40 million more than today.

All this will result in benefits for the health and the environment, as well as great improvements in the human well-being in all countries of the world.

Renewable energies are constantly evolving while research and innovation are the key to a promising future.

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