Design and originality to create solar energy


Design and originality to create solar energy

SOLARAYS technology and production is “made in Spain”. Designed and produced by SOLARAYS in Spain with components approved by the EU. At SOLARAYS we care about design, that is why our module is customizable so that it does not break with the aesthetics of the space where it is located. A total integration.

In this way, we have the added value of design in the solar energy sector thanks to the panels’ options that also allows you to choose them in different colors.

In addition, the SOLARAYS modular system is compact and lightweight so that it can be installed on any surface or ceiling, since its weight is 76% less than current electrical and thermal generation systems which require special installations. And it takes up much less surface area to generate the same kWh (54% less surface area)

The installation of SOLARAYS modules is quick and easy. They can be placed on any type of ceiling, with a low visual impact. It is an autonomous system which does not require maintenance.

If you are concerned about the environment and you want to support renewable energy while taking care of the design of your home, company or hotel… you will be able to achieve originality and customization in the installation thanks to SOLARAYS!…and you will be doubly green.