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The most economic way for mankind to face climate change is to find some renewable technologies with enough competitive advantage.


Solar energy is the most promising way to achieve this goal. The efficiency of the facilities and the cost of generating energy are the key factors for the massive implementation of renewables energies.


The most efficient solar technology —in terms of electricity generation— is the photovoltaic concentration (CPV). In addition, around 50% of all the energy consumed in the world is used for the heating supply covering also this need.


Electric installation is becoming the best option while expecting to be the big change in the energy sector in the coming decades.

Advantages of our Solar Energy System

Quick and easy installation on any roof or surface

Generation of stable energy during the day, allowing much more self-supply percentage and less batteries

Low weight

High energy density

Low visual impact

Supply of electric and thermal energy in only one module

Lower cost of energy generation

modulo solarays

Comparative chart of electrical +  thermal panels

Mono-crystalline PERC
High efficiency
(335 W)
HEAT PIPE 20 tubes
High performance

[a]+ [b]
496W Electric
722W Thermal
Peak power (W) per panel (STC) 335,00 - - 496 W elect + 722 W thermal
Efficiency at 25 ° C 19,90 % - - 33,41 %
P max temperature coefficient 0,37%/K - - 0,106%/K
Efficiency at 60°C 17,21 % - - 32,19 %
Efficiency at 90°C 15,20 % - - 31,18%
Deterioration performance at 25 years 82,60 % - - 100,00 %
Half life deterioration 8,70 % - - 0,00 %
Kwh/m²/year GHI (fixed flat panel) vs DNI (solar tracking data in Madrid) (Depending on location) 1760 1760 - 2060
Kwh produced per year in Madrid (half life) by each panel/collector/module 473 electric 915 thermal - 832 electric + 1211 thermal
Optical efficiency 80% 70% - 82%
Linear coefficient of thermal losses (W/m² ºC) - 1,506 - 1,399
m² solar collector opening / (panel/collector/module) 1,69 1,87 3,56 1,485
m² / (panel/collector/module) 1,69 3,25 4,94 2,72
Kg / (panel/collector/module) 18,70 70,00 88,70 25,00
Number of panels/collectors to produce the same annual kwh 1,76 1,32 3,08 1,00
m² used to produce the same kwh 2,97 4,29 7,26 2,72
Kg to produce the same kwh 32,91 92,40 125,31 25,00
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