What is Solarays?

Solarays, is an ultra-efficient solar module that generates electricity and thermal energy thanks to a passive solar tracking system. It provides clean and economical energy for all kind of applications.


Solarays, our proyect

Patented system: PCT/ES2018/070303

The most economic way for humankind to tackle climate change is to find some renewable technologies with enough competitive advantages.

Solar energy is the most promising way to reach this goal. The efficiency of the installations and the cost of energy generation are the key factors for a mass deployment of renewables.

The most efficient solar technology, in terms of electricity generation, is concentration photovoltaic (CPV). But besides, around 50% of all energy consumed in the world is used for heating supply and cover also this need is very important.

The distributed energy generation is becoming in the best option and it is foresaw it will be the big change in energy sector in next decades.

  • Double the efficiency in relation to conventional Silicon solar panels.

  • Increases more than 30% the energy generated.

  • Eliminates the Peak power generation in the middle of the day in relation to fix tilt solar panels.


  • Takes all the advantages of CPV but eliminates the need of accurate and expensive solar trackers.

  • Bring CPV to any kind of roof with very low visual impact and weight, making usefull much more roofs.

  • Incluiding thermal uses it doubles the effficiency of CPV and triples the efficiency of conventional silicon solar panels.

  • 30% cost reduction for the energy generated in comparation with conventional fixed tilt solar panels.

  • Needs accurate, heavy and expensive solar trackers.

  • Only ground-mounted installations feeding-in kwh to the grid.

  • No cost-competitive against silicon solar panels.


Patented system

The SOLARAYS solar tracking system has been patented since 2011 and is based on the thermodynamic expansion of compressed gas in the interior compa rtments of the module. It does not require any type of external position control so that the solar focus that impacts on the photovoltaic cell is readjusted continuously.

Unlike other solar trackers technologies used to orient the module perpendicular to the sun, these devices are compact and do not use motors or fluids, which allows the system to be compact, lightweight, silent, durable and maintenance-free

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